Lottery Sambad Morning 16-02-2024 Dear Morning Result 1PM

Are you looking for Lottery Sambad Morning Result of 16-02-2024? So you’ve come to the right website. Only on this website we provide the Nagaland state lottery result today or dear lottery result today 1pm. Lottery Sambad is well-known all over India. On this site, you can check the results of every type of lotterysambad result daily.

On this site, you can check the Dear lottery ( ডিয়ার লটারি ) or dear lottery result from almost all over India. Here are the winners of today lottery result of February 16, 2024. You can view it, or you can also download the morning result as a pdf file.

Dear lottery result today 16-02-2024 1pm

We publish the Dear lottery result today 1pm, Nagaland lottery Result and Lottery Sambad Morning.

If you bought today lottery tickets, you need to check the date (Lottery sambad 16-02-2024), the time (Lottery sambad morning), the day (Lottery sambad day), and the evening (Lottery sambad Night). You can find the results on our site every day at the same time. If you want to visit the official website, you can go to, where you can also check the Lottery.

16.02.2024 Lottery Sambad Morning

Lottery sambad morning is one of the most popular lotteries draws. People from all over West Bengal and other states like to buy lottery sambad tickets at this time. According to the lottery agencies of west Bengal, More tickets are sold for lottery sambad morning than for any other lottery draw time.

To try your luck playing the game, you must go to a Lottery sambad lottery office or a Dear lottery counter to buy a ticket. You can look at the Lottery Sambad Morning Result. The drawing starts at 1:00 PM, and the results are available by 1:15 PM. You can check the results on this site.

Lottery Sambad Morning 16-02-2024 Dear 1PM Morning Result

Nagaland Lottery Result 16.02.2024

Nagaland lottery result morning for six months. It happened in Sikkim with the name Sikkim state lottery under Sikkim state and at some point in Nagaland with the name Nagaland state lottery under Nagaland state.

You can add this website to your bookmarks to quickly check the Nagaland State Lottery Results. Many people have started their own businesses after winning the lottery. If you want to do the same, buy Nagaland State Lottery tickets.

How to Download Nagaland State Lottery Result Today 16.02.2024

If you buy today’s Dear lottery ticket, please follow the steps to download the Nagaland lottery result today at 16.02.2024. These steps will help you to find the right result on time.

  • To begin, access the Nagaland Lotteries official website at
  • Once you’re on the website, locate and click on the “Results” option.
  • In the following step, Select your date like “16.02.2024.”
  • Now, proceed by clicking on the date select your timing, and then the download will be started
  • Or Click Our Download Button to Download Lottery results today Instantly

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Yesterday 1 PM 6 PM 8 PM Result

If you forgot to check the Lottery Sambad yesterday’s result, it is hard to find it again. So we are here to solve this substantial problem. Here, you can easily find your Nagaland state lottery yesterday results quickly. 

  • If you bought yesterday lottery sambad Morning 1 PM lottery ticket, Click Here to view it.
  • If you bought yesterday sambad Day 6 PM lottery ticket, Click Here to view it.
  • If you bought yesterday’s lottery sambad Night or Evening 8 PM lottery ticket, Click Here to view it.

Although you have purchased the latest Sambad lottery ticket and want to check the latest result, you can also check today’s 16.02.2024 latest Result.

Nagaland State Dear Lottery Prizes

While the first prize is a whopping Rs 1 crore, the second prize winners take home Rs 9,000 for each ticket. The 3rd and 4th prize winners receive Rs 450 and Rs 250 for each ticket they purchased in the series. Each of these categories has ten winners. However, 100 5th prize winners can claim their winnings of Rs 120 during every draw.

Participants can buy any ticket for just Rs 6 (Minimum 5 Ticket set, like 5*Rs.6 = Rs.30), regardless of the date and time of the lucky draw. Although purchasing a ticket in itself is no guarantee of winning a prize, let alone the jackpot, playing multiple numbers can statistically increase player’s winning chances.

FAQs about Nagaland State Lottery Result 1 pm Today

When are the Lottery Sambad Morning Lottery Draw Results announced?

The Lottery Sambad Morning Lottery results are announced daily at 1 pm.

What time is the Nagaland State Lottery Morning Result made public?

The Nagaland State Evening Lottery results are drawn publically at 1 pm every day. But the result can be available from 1.10 to 1.15 pm.

How do I check the Nagaland 1 pm Lottery Result for October 23, 2023?

To find the results of the Nagaland State Lottery at 1 pm on October 23, 2023, visit the official website: The results will be available there.

How do I claim any prizes I win in the Nagaland State Lottery?

If you’ve won a prize in the Nagaland State Lottery, here’s how to claim it: First, visit official website of Nagaland State Lotteries, then download the claim form. If your prize amount exceeds Rs. 10000, you must claim your prize from the Kolkata Nagaland Office. Make sure to submit your claim form and all necessary documents to the office in Kolkata to get your winnings.

How much money do you win if you get the first prize in the Lottery Sambad 1 pm Lottery?

If you’re lucky enough to snag the first prize in the Lottery Sambad at 1 pm, you’ll take home a whopping Rs. 1 Crore!

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