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Welcome to the lottery Result Today. If you are looking for the lottery Sambad today result of 8pm, this is the right place. Here we provide dear the lottery result today 8pm or the lottery Sambad night result daily. You can also find lottery sambad old result of night lottery sambad or lottery sambad 8 pm in a perfect way.

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Dear Lottery Sambad Today 8 pm Result:

Dear Lotteries have been around for a long time, and the 8 pm or Night Results are among the most popular. Some people buy Dear lottery tickets occasionally to try to get rich quickly. At the same time, some individuals do it every day. People hope that they can win the 1st prize (1 Crore). But most of the time, they got some lower prizes or nothing. It turns into a real game and changes my people’s lives.

Dear Lottery is also a legit lottery game popular in some Indian states. It can make futures overnight by allowing you to win lakhs or crores. It has evolved into a routine in 12 Indian states where the lottery game is played daily 3 times without pausing. However, in other Indian states, the law does not allow lottery games to run.

The dear Lottery is not a fraud, many people have become crorepatis after purchasing a lottery ticket. Others are still trying to book the one crore rs prize. If you like this well-known lottery game, you’ve come to the right place. On our website, you can find out the results of every Dear Lottery Sambad draw, such as:

  • Lottery Sambad Morning (1:00 PM)
  • Lottery Sambad Afternoon (6:00 PM)
  • Lottery Sambad Evening (8:00 PM)

What is Lottery Sambad Evening?

Dear Lottery, Sambad is played in certain states and follows a schedule of three draws per day. You must buy your ticket within the specified time frame(Before the draw time); your serial number or name won’t be included in the lucky draws.

The three draws can be organized as follows:

Such as 1:00 PM, 6:00 PM, and 8:00 PM, Actual clock timings, Based on the sun’s position, for example, Lottery sambad morning, Lottery sambad afternoon, and Lottery sambad evening.

Lottery Sambad 8:00 PM is also known as the evening time because people need to buy tickets before the draw time to take part in the game. Different states have various names for this lucky draw. Still, the timings are consistent across all regions that offer Lottery Sambad.

How Can You Participate?

To take part and try your luck in the Lottery Sambad 8:00 PM or evening draw, follow these steps:

Start by purchasing a Lottery Sambad ticket for the evening draw. You can obtain your ticket on offline ticking counters and shops and buy from a licensed state agent who sells lottery tickets. After booking your ticket, patiently wait for the draws to occur. If you aim to win one crore Indian rupees, consider buying multiple tickets. However, it’s important to prioritize your expenses. Focus on your necessities first, and take your time buying many tickets if you’re struggling financially. Only purchase the number of tickets you can comfortably afford.

Prize Amount for Lottery Sambad 8:00 PM

What’s interesting about Lottery Sambad is that there isn’t just one prize. Each state offers different prize amounts based on the lucky draw. Additionally, these draws are conducted using machines, making them more trustworthy and reliable.

Prize Rank

Amount of Money











Consolation Money


Names for Lottery Sambad 8:00 PM

Each state assigns different appealing names to the daily draws. These names evoke excitement and optimism. Occasionally, individuals who adhere to superstitions may favour specific names over others. They might purchase tickets for a specific time more often than others due to the name, believing it will guarantee their victory.

To see the kinds of names given to daily draws, refer to the Bellow table. These names are from the Nagaland state Lottery department:

Week Day

Draw Name


Dear Hawk Evening


Dear Flamingo Evening


Dear Parrot Evening


Dear Eagle Evening


Dear Falcon Evening


Dear Vulture Evening


Dear Ostrich Evening

 The names given to the daily draws are inspired by the names of birds and showcase the beauty of nature.